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  1. a lossless format for image files that supports both animated and static images.

    "a GIF image"

    • a file in GIF format.

      plural noun: GIFs

Technology is shrinking, increasingly showing the potential to become extended tools of the human body. What does this mean for how we create things visually? In particular for the act of painting? 


My iPhone is a digital sketchbook, influencing the aesthetics of my paintings. Mobile technology is as much a commodity to my process of making art as a toaster or kettle in a kitchen.


The nature pushing pixels, data, and layers around a touch screen effects how I construct a painting and visualise its potential.

My iPad has become a tool in my practice used as often as a pen, paper or brush. 


GIFBANANA is a collection of digital media gathered as a result of creating a series of large paintings. Forming a "visual diary" of small GIF animations, taken virtual and real life.

I am drawn to the fast-paced pixelated quality of a GIF animation. Being easily formatted and transferable, it lends itself to being spread over the internet.


The increasing use of the GIF, Meme or emoji as a form of communication on social media is something I find curious; humans are creating universal abstract notions through the use of imagery and animation...these small nuggets of visual communication are being used to translate messages worldwide ...did someone say art? or smiling sh**?




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