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  1. a lossless format for image files that supports both animated and static images.

"a GIF image"

  • a file in GIF format.

plural noun: GIFs

The word painting connects us to its state as an individual art object and also the history and tradition of the medium. However this could lead to a misconception that painting is stuck in its past, unable to move beyond this.

Today technology is a huge part of our lives, as I grew up technology has shrunk, it is becoming adaptable showing potential to become extended tools of the human body. As a 20 year old in 2016 I am a self confessed iPhone addict, my camera roll becomes a digital sketchbook which influences the visual aesthetics of my work.

This Digital technology is nothing new and is becoming as much a commodity in my daily life as a toaster or kettle. The nature of creating digital sketches, working with pixels and layers on a screen has affected the way I paint my large paintings, how I visualise what they could be and how they are constructed. My iPad has become a tool in my practice used as often as a pen, paper or a paintbrush. My practice thrives of sifting through my camera roll in a way I can only liken to sifting through a junk yard or the Topshop sale rails and using what jumps out at me to influence my work.

But why do certain signs shapes and colours appeal to different individuals?

GIF BANANA - is a project I am launching in the run up to my final year degree show at Lancaster University, as I create a series of large paintings I am gathering a collection of digital media which I am turning into a "visual diary" of small GIF animations, taken form day to day virtual and real life.

Increasing use of GIF's and emojis in virtual media has lead me to think about how we connect to an image. We are now using them to replace feelings and ideas in instant messaging. Are they the beginnings of a universal, virtual and cultural language?

We all keep a digital sketchbook of images or screenshots taken because we found them engaging in some way. They may have been funny, visually interesting or provocative, completely random, or you may look back and wonder why you bothered about it in the first place. They may not be images taken with much thought, have poor image quality, taken as a memo or reminder of something.

I invite you to go through your camera rolls and send media to me (via the contacts page on my webpage, text or email). The GIF's will be regularly updated on my webpage ( and will feature in my paintings (digital or physical) as part of the degree show.

In the meantime check out the degree show webpage ( for information about this years 44 Fascinating Fine Art students at Lancaster University, and information about how and when you can see the show.

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