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Tuesday the 14th June was the opening night of our Fine Art degree show, it was an amazing night with a great turn out after all the hard work the 44 of us graduates had put into the show (put it one way there was a wine shortage!) . The works were diverse from social practice, performances, whole environments and sculpture painting and drawing. As a fine art community over three years I found that us Fine Art students have learned to work independently and as a collective. As we go building so many invaluable skills, we learn as much off each other as we do from our tutors. I think many aspects of education can learn from this network that a degree of this kind can build. This degree show shows just how diverse a community this kind of education can create, and the positive affects this has on personal development. I truly believe that (as the title of the show 'Omnia' suggests) my peers are prepared for all things, and have the skills to go on and work in any field they would wish!

The show is open all week and very much worth a visit! I am going to miss Lancaster University, but am ready to move on and take what I learned here out into the wider world.

Here's a few snaps of my work in the show from the opening night, I will update my website fully with photographs in the coming weeks.

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