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After being on strike from "arting" for a while I have just moved in to Banks Mill Studios in Derby to begin mission "Can I actually make a living being an 'artist'?"

**shameless plug alert** Banks Mill provides invaluable help to people with a creative business to start their own practice. The studios are subsidised for new starters meaning I can earn my months rent on one Saturday night shift pulling pints, for a studio that anywhere else I would never have been able to afford. They also set you up with a 'Business Manager' who is there to help you give advice and support let you know whats in the area and get you started making money doing what you love!

I'm finding it hard to look at what I do it in terms of being business as this term contradicts so much of what I believe art to be about, however an artist has to make a living just as anyone else and my studios work with artists to ensure they are making a sustainable living from their work. I would love to do a painting MA and this is helping me earn some money, and develop my portfolio ready to apply for next year!

For anyone around the Derbyshire are who is thinking about setting up some form of creative practice the studios are a great way to get started!

here's a few things Ill be getting up to between now and christmas!

LIVERPOOL// 7th October at View Two gallery Liverpool.

Re|Creation: Through painting, sculpture and the GIF five artists explore the territorial markers between built environment and virtual space. What does the extension of our community to the virtual world mean for reality?

DERBY// OPEN STUDIOS 18th-20th November

Each year the studios are open to the public for a weekend in November. Come nosey round and see the studios of a range of creative businesses from Craftsmen, Artists, Fashion Designers and Photographers , see new work and find out what creatives do all day! There are interactive craft workshops and the event makes for an exciting day out for all the family!

I will be displaying a new portfolio of experimental work (some new work and also experiments featuring oven doors, LED's and animations!).

GOT A BLANK WALL IN YOUR HOME OR LOOKING FOR A GREAT AND UNIQUE CRISTMAS PRESENT?! Prints and originals will be available for purchase, and I will be taking commissions or if you find something you like nosing around the studio I will be taking personal print orders at custom size

PRINT SHOP// Slowly and Surely I am selling prints online through my website and Via Etsy ...If what is on there isn't for you I am also taking commissions for digital prints and origional paintings! (

There are still lots to be uploaded of all sizes and colours just in time for Christmas!

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